wall mounted kitchen towel holder

Best 22 Kitchen Towel Holder Ideas : Creative & Ingenious Ways To Hang Your Kitchen Towel

The kitchen towel holder is an important piece of your kitchen. It helps you store dishtowels and other cleaning utensils needed for your kitchen while also making it easy to grab as you may need them. All in all, a kitchen towel holder will make it easier for you to keep everything neat in your kitchen with minimal effort!

What is a kitchen towel holder?

A kitchen towel holder is a device that holds wet dish towels. Many people use them to keep their kitchens dry and clean. They are also useful for drying dishes, wiping counters or tables, and other tasks involving water.

The materials from which they are made vary by the cost of the holder. Some holders can be made out of metal, while others can be plastic with an aluminum foil finish on them to reflect heat away from your hands when you need to handle something hot like a pot or pan. Others may have suction cups on the bottom so that you can attach them to the side of your stove or refrigerator where they won’t get in anyone’s way but remain close at hand when needed most.

Many people keep a towel holder in the kitchen. Often, you might find that it is mounted to the wall using screws or nails for easy installation. But some people prefer different ways of holding their towel more than others.

Why do you need a kitchen towel holder?

There are many reasons why you need a kitchen towel holder. One of the most important is that it keeps your towels from getting wet and dirty to the last longer. It also saves space in your cabinets by only having one item to store instead of multiple towels. Another reason would be that it reduces clutter on counters or tables where you might have been using paper towels to dry dishes or wipe them off.

The different types of kitchen towel holders

The best kitchen towel holders are the ones that don’t take up much space and can be hidden away when not in use.

These holders include a wall-mounted holder, a door-mounted holder, and even an under cabinet mount. With the right type of holder, you can have towels within reach at all times while keeping them out of sight from guests or children who might get curious about what you keep on your countertops.

A good place to start looking for these kinds of towel holders is online, where many different styles are available. You may also find them in stores if they carry items like this, but it may take some digging around before you find what you need.

No matter the style, most towel holders will have some bar or bracket used to hold the towels in place. This element of the holder can be purchased separately if it breaks, so you’ll be able to keep using your towel even if there are other problems with the whole unit.

The only thing that you need to be careful about when shopping for one of these holders is the size. You’ll want to make sure that you get one that will hold the towels you need it to, and if you have a large family or like using thick, absorbent towels, then opt for one with a larger diameter or length than what you see online.

Tips for buying the right one for your home

Kitchen towel holders come in all shapes and sizes and can be installed anywhere. They’re a great way to keep your kitchen organized by storing cloth towels within arms reach of the sink or stovetop.

If you’re looking for the best place to install one, consider where you use it most often when cooking or cleaning up after meals. The towel holder should also be level with your dishwasher, so the towels don’t needlessly pile up on each other while they wait to wash dishes.

Kitchen towel holders are typically made from stainless steel, but some models are made from bamboo or wood as well – these might look more natural in rustic kitchens or country homes! Most have a hook at the top for hanging towels, but some models have a shelf for hanging smaller kitchen necessities like potholders.

Other accessories you can get to go with your towel holder include a bottle opener used to open beer bottles or soda cans. Another cool gadget is a canning jar opener, which attaches directly onto the towel holder, so you don’t have to rummage through a drawer looking for a can opener or settle by using a knife.

Another handy accessory is the vegetable holder. It attaches directly to any kitchen towel rack and allows you to store vegetables in it while they’re still fresh. This way, your countertop won’t get messy from chopping foods or storing them in open containers. Plus, you’ll be able to keep your hands clean when handling them!

Many kitchen towel holders are also made with a swivel hook system that allows you to hang the towels on either side of the holder for convenience and flexibility. This is especially useful if you have a small space for your hooks and maximize space efficiency.

If you’re going to install a towel holder, be sure that it’s securely attached to the wall, so it doesn’t fall off when holding heavy items like towels or even your favorite dish towel. Not all kitchen towel holders are safe to hold heavy materials, so always check before buying!

Magnetic Kitchen Towel Holder

magnetic kitchen towel holder

The magnetic kitchen towel holder is an amazing invention that will revolutionize your life in the kitchen. It’s made of durable stainless steel, and it has a strong magnet on the back to hold any metal item you need close at hand.

The best part: there’s no installation required- place it where you want to store wet towels, turn it on its side, and you’re ready to go. You can put a magnetic kitchen towel holder in your fridge.

Where should a kitchen towel Holder be placed?

A kitchen towel holder should be placed near the sink or dishwasher. This way, it’s easily accessible for drying hands and dish towels and hanging freshly washed dishes.

The best place for a towel holder is within your kitchen’s ‘flow.’ It should be easily accessible. Near the sink, dishwasher, or prep area is the most convenient and helpful placement. If you have cabinet space above the sink or over a prep area, placing a second (or even third) towel bar may help provide more room for hanging items.

Kitchen Towel Holder Inspiration Ideas

Below are curated ideas of towel holders that might be an inspiration for your kitchen.

Wall Mounted Kitchen Towel Holder

wall mounted kitchen towel holder

Mount this wall-mounted kitchen towel holder with a metal spice jar for convenience and style. Place it within easy reach near the sink to dry dishes, wipe up spills or quickly toss a dirty rag into the laundry hamper. The spice jar keeps more commonly used spices within arm’s length at all times without sacrificing counter space. The piece also offers storage for scissors, pens, and paper clips on its lower shelf.

Wooden Kitchen Towel Holder

wooden kitchen towel holder

There is no more elegant way to store your dishcloth and towel than with this Wooden Kitchen Towel Holder Décorated in the Shape of a Bird at the End. As a bird perches atop, you can clean up your kitchen without fear that it will fly off. Handcrafted from wood, this sturdy holder brings personality into any kitchen niche!

Stainless Steel Kitchen Towel Holder

stainless steel kitchen towel holder

The sleek and sturdy Stainless Steel Towel holder is a perfect tool for keeping your kitchen tidy.

Countertop Kitchen Towel Holder

countertop kitchen towel holder

Pig-shaped Towel Holder: Cute ceramic pig proudly holding dish towels on his backside or kitchen countertop with raised trotters for sanitizing cleanliness.

Diy Kitchen Towel Holder

diy kitchen towel holder

This DIY kitchen towel holder is made of wire and easy to assemble so that you can hang it anywhere on your oven, microwave, or DIY wooden shelf.

Under Cabinet Kitchen Towel Holder

under cabinet kitchen towel holder

Appreciate the beauty of a hand-crafted stainless-steel design and practicality with this kitchen towel holder. The finely crafted rails open & close seamlessly to any desired length for managing your dish towels beautifully.

Rose Gold Kitchen Towel Holder

rose gold kitchen towel holder

This towel holder has a ground spike for stability next to a granite countertop. The shiny rose gold finish goes well with any style kitchen set.

Horizontal Kitchen Towel Holder

horizontal kitchen towel holder

A small bronze Kitchen Towel holder that can be mounted easily on a cabinet. The idea is simple, and if you do not have enough space to install the basics like drawers, there are always spots available for odd items you want to put inside the kitchen. It does tend to lean backward, which will give some balance but still keep it stable.

Cast Iron Kitchen Towel Holder

cast iron kitchen towel holder

Cats have trusted protectors, always ready to lend an ear and a loving paw. Why not keep them close to you in the kitchen? The two side-by-side Cat-shaped cast Iron Kitchen Towel Holders will go great with your collection! You can easily prop them up on any flat surface or use their ears as towel hooks while they wait patiently for whatever you have cooked on the stove.

Mug Tree Kitchen Towel Holder

mug tree kitchen towel holder

Mug Tree Kitchen Towel Holder is both a towel holder and cup holder for your kitchen. The long extension pole allows you to conveniently store sponges, dishcloths, and towels while also giving handy access to cups when the need arises.

Free Standing Kitchen Towel Holder

free standing kitchen towel holder

This black metal kitchen towel holder has a sweet floral decoration and can be mounted to the wall or propped up on a counter near your sink. This piece will add charm and quality to any modern kitchen when full of colorfully patterned towels. The stand is sturdy and freestanding, with rounded edges that complement its sleek design. The included screws mean it won’t be too difficult to set up either!

Farmhouse Kitchen Towel Holder

farmhouse kitchen towel holder

No more spills in your kitchen! Get this hexagon Farmhouse Kitchen Towel holder next to the sink to hold your soap. The towel can go over the top or hang down from the bottom of the rack for easy use and grabbing. You’ll always have dry hands with this well-designed, dishwasher-safe wire soap holder.

Copper Paper Towel Holder

copper paper towel holder

This Copper Paper Towel Holder near the artificial plant in a modern kitchen brings a vintage feel to any contemporary living space. The copper finish and open-back design make this stand-out piece easy for usage, whether it be countertop or shelf.

Furthermore, the tailored thin original paper towels fit neatly inside the integrated slot on the top portion of this holder. Not only does it act as an added shield, but it also has an aesthetically pleasing effect when looked at up close!

Kitchen Paper Towel Roll Holder

kitchen paper towel roll holder

This is a set of two tissue paper holders that can be mounted under your kitchen cabinet to make commonly used kitchen supplies reusable. It simplifies the storage process by making it easier to refill, locate and replace those items! The space-saving solution is great for saving time in an everyday chore.

Tea Towel Holder

tea towel holder

This tea towel holder is, well, perfect for holding your tea towels. It’s shaped like a wooden stick and attached to a yellow wall at the highest point of all. Apparently, whoever left these racks behind didn’t need them anymore.

Yet it remains functional but decorative as well: This makes it both attractive and practical–and conveniently sized, so it fits in most kitchen cabinets!

Modern Kitchen Towel Holder

modern kitchen towel holder

This modern kitchen towel holder is perfect for any kitchen! The stylish artificial plant in the corner adds a pop of color to your space. Hang paper towels from one end and can store utensils on the other side.

Copper Kitchen Towel Holder

copper kitchen towel holder

This copper kitchen towel holder is a great addition to any modern or rustic design. It can hold paper towels, wash clothes, and even dishcloths while also stunning enough to display on the counter-top! Displaying your towels in this way will save you space, provide easy access to them and make it easier to get things done in the kitchen.

Iron Paper Towel Holder

iron paper towel holder
This Iron Paper Towel Holder is a sleek and stylish addition to any kitchen. The vine-shaped design means this product takes up an elegant amount of space without cluttering the countertop. This unit will not rust, corrode or warp. Mounted at eye level, it is made for any height range, and every guest that comes across it will be drawn to the beauty of its rich color tones.

Paper Kitchen Towel Holder

paper kitchen towel holder

A super ingenious solution for holding paper towels in the kitchen. The screw can hold a roll of regular size paper towel, intowelss an oversized knob on top for grip, and balances out any weight/strength deficiencies someone may have by hand.

Black Kitchen Towel Holder

black kitchen towel holder

Uniquely designed as a stick that is virtually weightless until you need to hang your wet kitchen towel. This exclusive freestanding design makes it simple and convenient for everyone in your household to reach their favorite towel anytime they cook or clean up the counters. The fashionable dishwasher-friendly stainless steel finish looks sharp against any color backsplash.

Marble Paper Towel Holder

marble paper towel holder

This marble paper towel holder has an elegant look that will really add something extra when placing it on any countertop near the sink plus, it helps save space in cabinets, so let me help create lots of room for other things.

Hanging Kitchen Towel Holder

hanging kitchen towel holder

These hanging kitchen towel holders are brightly colored, and they really make any countertop pop. They’re also great for storing tea towels in your cabinet or on the walls. These racks are stylish enough to hang in a gallery, cute enough to put on your little girl’s bedroom wall, durable enough for industrial use, and fit into most spaces.

To sum up

It’s time to invest in a kitchen towel holder! If you want your kitchen to be neat and tidy, it is important that you have the right tools. A quality towel holder will help keep all of your dishcloths (and other cleaning utensils) neatly stored away so they are easy for you to access when cooking or doing dishes. Let me know by comment below if this sounds like something worth investing in. I am happy to answer any questions about towel holders too!

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