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Best Multi Level Deck Ideas: Make Backyard Feel More Like An Outdoor Living Space

You may have seen some multi level decks that are really interesting. The deck’s design is such that it has a second, smaller level for sitting on and enjoying your surroundings. Some even have small fountains and other amenities to make them more appealing. This article will examine the benefits of building a multi-level deck in your backyard and give you some ideas for making it happen!

The benefits of building a multi-level deck in your backyard are many. With a multi-level deck, you can create an area that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The first benefit of building a multi-level deck is that it allows additional space for entertaining guests.

The multilevel deck framing is the perfect way to get a better perspective while still being able to enjoy your backyard. What are multilevel decks? They are platforms that extend from the ground and can be extended as high as you want them. This kind of decking is perfect for people who have a lot of height in their backyard but not much space on the ground.

The multilevel deck will allow you to use more surface area without taking up any more room than usual. To install this type of frame, all you need are some sturdy posts set into concrete at an angle and connect them with joist hangers at each end. Next, attach stringers or beams between these posts and place plywood panels across them so that you will have a multilevel deck that does not wobble.

If your home has a small yard or limited outdoor living space, adding multiple levels to your deck will significantly increase the amount of space available for entertaining guests. Building a multi-level deck is an excellent way to enjoy views from different angles, create a focal point to an otherwise ordinary yard, or add value to your home.

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Multi-level deck for sloped backyard

The multilevel deck ideas for the sloping backyard are the most important things to consider. If you have a sloped backyard, it is definitely not as easy as if your yard was completely flat.

If you are considering multilevel deck ideas for sloped backyards, it is important to make sure that your multilevel deck design will accommodate the steepness of your yard. In other words, if the hill goes up and down all over the place, then multilevel deck designs that have steps throughout will work perfectly for your yard.

With multilevel decks, the view and feel of your backyard are transformed. A multilevel deck can be a great addition to any outdoor living space. However, before you go ahead with this project, there are some important considerations to consider.

Multilevel decks require more planning than regular decks because they have higher expectations for both design and functionality. They also typically need a much stronger foundation than what would be needed for a single-level deck.

You’ll want to make sure your multi-level deck is properly supported by posts or beams that are adequately reinforced where they meet the ground (or attach to an existing structure). And if you’re going for stairs instead of steps as the access point to your multilevel deck, platforms and railings are a must.

Multi-level deck material

Quality multi-level decks are a great way to increase the value and enjoyment of your home. Built with quality materials, multi-level decks can last for decades without showing any signs of wear or tear. It is important to consider how you live to determine which material would be best for your multilevel deck. The two most common types of multilevel decking are composite and wood; each has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Composite materials combine plastic resin mixed with other ingredients such as glass fiber, coal powder, or ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS). The mixture is then heated up until it melts together before being cooled down into sheets used for the multilevel decking. The sheets are then cut into smaller pieces for installation. Composite decking is known for its attractive appearance, comfort, and durability.

They can be manufactured in many different colors and shades to match or complement the home’s exterior. These multilevel decks will not rot, warp or splinter and are safe and clean to work with. Composite decking is not susceptible to insect infestation, animals, or bad weather conditions. However, these decks cost more than traditional decking materials, which must be considered when making decisions about installation costs.


Wood: Wood multilevel decks have been around since they were first made. They are usually made of redwood, cedar, or another type of hardwood treated with chemicals and preservatives to resist decay. Wood decks are the most traditional decking materials available today, looking just like decks have for years. The deck boards are a bit thicker and sturdier than deck boards made of composite decking materials. This is good if the deck will have many people walking across it at once, but decks made of the composite are less likely to splinter or crack as easily as a wood material.

Wood is a good choice for multilevel decks that have stairs in them, as the wood boards will not slip when people walk on them as composite might. Wood decking is usually less expensive than composite decking. It is also something to consider when deciding materials choices.

Wood decks will eventually need to be replaced or resurfaced if they become damaged. Over time wood material may warp or crack, but this can usually easily be fixed with some sanding and refinishing. When multilevel decks are built, they can be made to blend in with the material of the home. This is helpful because it will make your deck look like an extension of the home rather than a separate structure.

There are multilevel deck design options for everyone and can be constructed to blend in with the materials of your home. Balconies, staircases, and flooring are all things that should be taken into consideration when designing multilevel decks. Always speak to an engineer or architect capable of ensuring your multilevel deck design will be safe and functional.

below you will find some ideas for the multi-level decks for your consideration before building one. I hope you get inspired.

Small Multi Level Deck Ideas

The multilevel deck in small spaces can be a great way to make the most of your outdoor living space. It’s possible to have a multilevel deck without having it take up too much space in your yard or garden, and you can even create one in an apartment balcony! We’ll look at some examples of multilevel decks that are perfect for small spaces.

Small Multi Level Deck Ideas In Two Tiered Cedar Wood

small multi level deck ideas in two tiered cedar wood

Soak in the last of the sun and have a relaxed meal outside with your family. A two-tiered cedar deck is sure to make it easy for everybody to join in on the fun! To keep things comfortable, incorporate striped chairs and an umbrella into the design. Add a dining table set that fits your style or feel free to go all out and add planters at each level filled with any flowering plants you desire- this is your perfect outdoor entertainment space!

Small Size Of Multi Level Deck Layout With Wooden Bench

small size of multi level deck layout with wooden bench

Small multi-level deck ideas are perfect for outdoor seating areas on sloping yards. This is a great way to create an elevated space where you can gather with friends and family. A wooden bench and Adirondack chairs create the perfect spot to relax during your spare time or when you need a break from work.

Small Multi Level Deck Ideas For Escaping Nook

small wooden multi level deck ideas for escaping nook

Round pot planters add a whimsical touch to the ground-level deck. The plant was included and didn’t need to be purchased separately, making it easier for those who don’t want to take on moderate DIY projects. The stairs are short enough that even children can make their way up without difficulty but offer plenty of storage space in out-of-the-way nooks like this one with a railing that is built low so that people can sit and escape from the sun if need be – perfect for garden patios or outdoor parties!

Minimalist Small Multi Level Deck On Backyard Patio

minimalist small wooden multi level deck on backyard patio

these minimalist small multi-level deck ideas without railing are a great start. With around patio table and chairs in your backyard, there’s plenty of room to kick back and enjoy the outdoors while your kids run around playing in front of you

Outdoor Grilling Stations On Multi Level Deck Ideas

outdoor stainless grilling stations on multi level wooden deck ideas

This blue and white backyard deck is perfect for entertaining. From the stylish outdoor grilling stations that fit up to six people, the sprawling wooden pergola with string lights, even to the striped navy umbrella, which provides shade from the hot sun, it’s clear you only live once.

Vinyl Small Multi Level Decking Ideas

vinyl small multi level decking ideas with bright dining sets

Navy and white striped umbrellas highlight this minimal outdoor dining area. Deck furniture sits beneath its shade for comfortable shade. A border of flowers frames the perimeter with bright pops of color. There is an ambiance to this scene with a light breeze that will leave you feeling refreshed all day long. This small multi-level deck design would make any space’s patio more inviting than ever before, even if it is just under being one step closer to the grilling!

Multi Level Deck Ideas With Stone Pavers In Small Size

small multi levels tone pavers deck ideas with fire pit

A backyard with a variety of seating options, including an umbrella for shade and a fire-pit table. There is also the use of pavers in different shades that contrast nicely with the dark green grass.

Multi Level Paver Deck With Enclosed Grill And Firepit

multi level paver deck with enclosed grill and round fire pit

This DIY project is the perfect way to create a backyard oasis with outdoor living space. The stone pavers give this patio an amazing look while still allowing for enough grassy area and allowing for multiple levels of decks that offer shelter from the sun or provide room to enjoy the view. This picture also shows a brick wall and cast iron chairs which truly bring out an iconic Texas style that any self-respecting Texan would totally appreciate!

Round Shape Of Small Multi Level Deck Ideas

round shape of small multi level deck ideas with cast iron fire pit

This neat patio design is an excellent source of greenery and will provide a nice spot for eating or entertaining. The cast iron dining tables offer good protection from the sun, while the black fountains create a soothing melody in conjunction with the trickling water.

The stone flooring around the grass yard provides a feeling of stability that’s great for any outdoor plans you may have and will result in an inviting space to surround yourself with the people important to you.

Small Multi Level Deck Ideas For Kiddie Pool

small multi level wooden deck ideas for cheerfull kiddie pool

This mini deck is the perfect space for a kid’s pool and offers relaxing seating options to enjoy summer days. Outfitted with wooden pallets for privacy screens, this outdoor area also features bright plastic chairs and small multi-level steps leading down to the pool area. Surrounded by lush plants and toys, children will have a carefree layout that’s even kid-sized!

Garden Shed With Small Multi Level Decking

garden shed in red with small multi level wooden decking

A beautiful wooden deck situated near a garden shed is the perfect spot for having a meal or just hanging out. It would be easy to get carried away with adding all sorts of attractive features. There are several plastic chairs in different colors, part of an outdoor dining set, placed amongst pots from which permanent herbs grow. A charcoal grill is mounted on a metal post in one corner.

Hot Tub Multi Level Deck Ideas

If you are looking for a way to entertain your guests or have some outdoor space, many different ideas can be done. One of these is having a multi-level deck with a hot tub. This could either be in the middle of the deck or off on one side, depending on how much space and privacy you need.

You will also need stairs leading from the ground level up to the top deck, so if you don’t want people walking through your house, it would be best to put them at least partially hidden by plants and vines. There should also be an access door on each level to get out of sight if they need to go inside but still stay outside with their friends and family.

Hot Tub Multi Level Deck Ideas And Corrugated Fiber Roof Gazebo

hot tub multi level wooden deck ideas and corrugated fiber roof on gazebo

The outdoor living option is bringing the outside in these days, and this stunning backyard space with a hot tub and plenty of seating really showcases that. The wooden decks are practically begging you to bring out your wine or beer during sunset (or for any time) while enjoying the sights from up high or cozy on down by the water’s edge. A wicker sectional, light bulbs described as spotlights, string lights, and plants all come together in this pitched roof gazebo area around a tall heater to add ambiance and safety when cooking.

Multi Level Deck Ideas With Hot Tub And Pergola

multi level deck ideas with hot tub and wooden pergola

Chase away your day’s troubles and relax with a refreshing dip in the hot tub. Spend time lounging on the spacious multi level deck, which includes a wooden pergola below the rails (that provide shade from those pesky sun rays) as well as a lattice underneath to create an even more serene experience.

Hot Tub On Multi Level Deck Ideas And Greenery Garden


hot tub on brown multi level deck ideas with wire rails

Please take it to the next level with this hot tub multi-level deck. Featuring wooden rails and wire fencing, this one will allow you to get some fresh air while soaking on your outdoor furniture. A total of 4 lounge chairs are included so you can let everyone have a view. For storage, there are two built-in seats right near the door for extra-large bins or bags that can be wheeled out of harm’s way when they aren’t being used. Adjacent to the custom planter boxes is an eating area with room enough for four people or more, depending on how comfortable your guests are.

Multi Level Decking Ideas With Hot tub And Curved Bench

backyard multi level decking ideas with hot tub and curved bench

These are great pics of a multi-level deck with brown wicker dining sets and daybed sofas. You might consider using curved wooden benches as wall accents in the corner space between two levels. Either potted plants or decor pieces could be arranged on this planter shelf beside the bench!

Hot Tub Outdoor On Multi Level Deck Ideas

hot tub outdoor on sunny multi level deck ideas

write witty image description of hot tub outdoor on multi level deck ideas with the low fence also wooden Adirondack chairs and some of the planters

Hot Tub Multi Level Deck Ideas On Circular Shape Patio

hot tub multi level deck ideas on circular shape of wooden patio

This is a perfect idea for those who want their outdoor space to feel both expansive and personal. The blend of low fences with inspiring views creates a boundary that creates an intimate, manageable area for porch time or chatting while cooking on the grill. The patio planters really allow you to make the most of your new exterior space by placing seasonal planting in them each year, so it feels like spring outside all year round.

Fire Pit On Multi Level Deck Ideas

A deck is a great place for social gatherings, but what about when the cold weather comes? A fire pit on the multi-level deck would be perfect for staying warm and having fun.

The best part of this idea is that you can enjoy your fire pit all year round! Even if it’s raining or snowing, there are still plenty of ways to set up a safe fire in your backyard. If you don’t want to buy a full outdoor fireplace, use an old grill instead. Or build one out of bricks and mortar with no chimney. You could also go low-tech and put together a DIY version from cinder blocks or metal drums. The possibilities are endless!

Fire Pit On Multi Level Deck As Focal Point

square fire pit on multi level deck as focal point

A fire pit can set the perfect mood for a large backyard party. This fire pit is set upon a multi-level deck made from stone slabs. The back of the fire pit curves around a part of the structure to add an extra level of seating to unload guests from providing their own cocktails. There are also wicker furniture sets that offer a more casual place for family or friends. There are also cushy pillows decorated with rich colors.

Contemporary Multi Level Deck Ideas With Fire Pit

contemporary circular multi level deck ideas with stack stone fire pit

Enjoy your serene evenings under the stars or downtown with friends and family. Enjoy outdoor time as a family without fearing any worries of mosquitoes or black flies biting all evening long due to your wood barrier between them and you. Customize your fire pit in each level so that you can enjoy the company of dinner guests on level one, play cards with those upon level two, and enjoy a drink while gazing into an elevated view from up above the decking area where benches warmly ring before seating pews too! You’ll love this beautiful place, along with its inviting custom decks, which make for an enjoyable outside entertainment space for year-round enjoyment, whichever season it may be!

Covered Multi Level Deck Ideas

A covered multi level deck can be a great addition to any home. If you are looking for a new outdoor living space, these decks have many benefits that may interest you. They provide an attractive and functional place to entertain guests or enjoy the outdoors at your leisure.

Backyard Multi Level Deck With Peaceful Feel

backyard wooden multi level deck with peaceful feel

Take the backyard to a whole new level with this pergola and deck combo. Pergolas provide beautiful platforms for all your outdoor living needs, while decks provide plenty of space below for entertaining and lounging around as you see fit. Fill this multi-level deck with Adirondack chairs, lanterns, plants, and throw blankets galore so everyone can enjoy downtime in style.

Backyard Multi Level Deck Ideas With Covered Pergolas

backyard multi level deck ideas with covered wooden pergolas

Want a sanctuary in your backyard? Don’t just dream of lounging by the pool, under a shady tree, and in the shade! Image what it would feel like to be relaxing amongst thick vines as you watch your kids play. Building decks is also an excellent solution for maximizing usable space on small yards but may not be practical if you reside in snowy climates. A covered pergola can help increase the longevity–covering materials wear more quickly than those exposed–and protect plants underneath them from lengthy exposure to rain.

Backyard Multi Level Wooden Deck Ideas Covered With Shady Tree

backyard multi level wooden deck ideas covered with shady tree

Dazzling a patio accessible to countless activities and events, these new-age decking solutions make for an ideal outdoor room. It all starts with the right foundation, where any messy flaws can easily be hidden from view. From there, we made sure you had plenty of space to enjoy the finer things in life—by creating a multi level wooden deck covered with shady trees, you’ll never want to go back indoors!

Created with comfort and relaxation at a topmost priority above anything else in mind, this patio grand entrance has everything needed to make it feel like your own private refuge on earth. With tons of shade provided by towering trees for privacy or relief from direct sunlight, we’ve left some space open so that guests could truly enjoy nature.

Multi Level Wooden Decks For Entertaining Large Parties

beach theme multi level wooden decks for entertaining large parties

This is the party of your dreams with this ultramodern outdoor space complete with a gorgeous wood deck and an array of blue and green furniture! Look at all that stainless steel, too! You’ve never seen anything so cool as these metal stools. This scene is just perfect for entertaining guests or unwinding with family on the weekends.

Multi Level Decks Ideas With Fire Pit And Nature Accents

multi level decks ideas with fire pit and nature accents

This uniquely modern home is a peaceful sanctuary in the city. The multi-level decks provide an abundance of options when it comes to backyard gatherings. There are warm, cozy places for family and friends to relax and even more than one space for gathering around the fire pit – with or without music!

Simple Multi Level Deck Ideas

If you’re looking for an easy way to create more outdoor space on your property, consider installing a simple multi-level deck. These decks are perfect for entertaining in the summer and can be constructed with minimal carpentry skills. All of these projects require only the most rudimentary construction techniques – no need to hire professionals!

Simple Multi Level Deck Ideas On Backyard

simple multi level deck ideas on slope backyard

Cable railing decks are prevalent lately as they offer a rustic, natural appeal to the decking. The cable rails add character and make your backyard deck feel like you have an extension of nature in your own backyard.

Simple And Small Multi Level Deck Ideas On Backyard

simple multi level deck ideas with grassy garden

Inspired by the modern simplicity of lines and incorporating natural elements like vertical wooden fencing on rod iron posts for outdoor privacy, this contemporary design is functional and stylish. These backyard spaces are designed to be areas for interaction as well as leisure. The thoughtful placement of decorating in a private patio or woodsy area with any wooden walls could create a vibrant conversation piece gathering place that’s just perfect for friends and family alike!

Simple Multi Level Wooden Deck Ideas On Luxury House

simple multi level wooden deck ideas on luxury house garden

This stunning, two-level wooden deck with clean lines and sleek furniture will provide an elevated space to enjoy breakfast or dinner. The table is barrel-shaped, giving added visual interest – it also features interior crossbars for setting up drinks or appetizers.-The four chairs match by deep brown aesthetic and simple rectangular design. Set apart from the ground level are large stone steps that lead to a flat surface where the barbecues can be set up at a lower height for children’s use.

Multi Level Deck Ideas With Staircase

We all know that decks are great for entertaining, but what about the family? While it’s true that most decks have a staircase leading from the ground to the deck, there is more than one way up.

Some people choose to put in a multi-level deck with stairs going up both on either side of the house. This gives you two ways to get onto your outdoor living space and can be very attractive when done well. The cost difference between this idea and a regular single-level deck is not significant enough to deter anyone who likes their privacy and wants an elegant design element in their yard.

Multi-level Deck With Two Staircases

multi level deck with two staircases and candle lights

Would you mind enjoying this multi-level deck with two staircases, one for the front yard and the other for your beautiful swimming pool? It is a well-lit area surrounded by lighting fixtures to give ultimate relaxation. There are picturesque views with an expansive lawn where you can play games or sit under a tree with a good book in the early mornings.

A cozy couch with wooden railings and romantic candle lights is the perfect way to end a long day. Sit down, kick off your shoes and enjoy the serene surroundings of your nook.

Multi Level Deck Ideas With Spiral Staircases

multi level deck ideas with spiral staircases in grey color

Slow down and get back home on this multi-level deck with curved staircases from the ground floor to the upper level. Metal railings for safety provide a divider for areas that are not yet reached. A padded white armchair complements other furniture, which is made of strong, durable wood. Deckchairs can also be available when you need a break from scenic beauty or have an itch to read by yourself.

The Cozy White Railway Adirondack Chair provides a rustic and warm atmosphere. The brown wooden flooring creates an organic look that is airy and light.

In Closing

If you’ve been thinking about building a multi-level deck but have never taken the plunge because of cost or time constraints, we hope this article has helped show that it may be worth your while. These decks are not only beautiful and functional; they can also serve as valuable investments in your home. With some careful planning and design, you could create a tranquil oasis for yourself to escape from the stressors of everyday life.

We recommend starting by looking at what others have done with their own backyard decks so that you get an idea of how yours will look when complete!n We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to get started with building one of these for yourself!

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