u shaped narrow kitchen island in all white of cabinets with decorative pattern of rug

16 Clever Narrow Kitchen Island Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you cook, share meals, and gather with family and friends. A narrow kitchen island that doesn’t take up too much space can be a great addition to your kitchen design.

A narrow kitchen island will help you make better use of the space in your small space kitchens by providing extra storage for pots, pans, utensils, etc. while freeing up valuable countertop space for cooking prep work. In some cases, it also may provide room for an additional seating area at the end of your table when not used as a bar or buffet station.

Narrow islands come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to measure before making any purchases to ensure size will work for you. This will save you time and money in the long run because it’s easy to make a mistake if you don’t know what measurements are needed.

Choose a kitchen island that matches the size of your small kitchen

Narrow kitchen islands are great for smaller kitchens. These islands can be placed in a corner or the center of attention in your small space. The best part about these narrow kitchens is that they take up less space than any other type of kitchen island on the market today.

That means you have more room to move around! In fact, these types of islands often allow you to use unusable dead spaces like corners and alcoves as storage areas for cookware and cutting boards. They also make it much easier to reach items stored near the back wall without going into traffic while cooking or washing dishes.

The downside thing about a narrow kitchen island? You may not have enough countertop space if you have a lot of cookware. This can make it hard to prepare meals for your family members if you have a large family!

If your kitchen works with the shape of a narrow island, then there is no need to worry about this problem. Just find the perfect countertop and storage combination that will help you keep all your things organized.

Your kitchen island should be able to accommodate all of your cooking needs. You need to have a countertop surface that is wide enough for you to prepare and cook food on and room for storage in the drawers or cabinets below. The height of your kitchen island is also important because it will affect how much space you have available for working with food. In general, taller islands will provide more space but may not work in smaller kitchens because they take up too much valuable floor space.

The kitchen island is a great feature to have in your home, but it can be difficult to install appliances underneath.  You must measure the height of any under-counter appliances (like dishwashers) before purchasing them so they will fit perfectly underneath the narrow kitchen island.  If not, then there may be an issue with getting them through the door and into place in your new design plan.

Narrow Kitchen Island Inspiration Ideas

Here are some tips and inspiration for narrow kitchen islands:

Small Narrow Kitchen Island

narrow white kitchen island ideas with marble countertops

There are few kitchens as chic as the contemporary white narrow kitchen island. This one comes complete with a marble countertop for that luxurious feel and dark cabinets to provide some contrast around your appliances. Simple ceramic floors give these rooms character where you want them.

If you’re looking for a kitchen with just the right amount of vintage charm, let your window coverings and dresser knobs make a statement. Add light fixtures to showcase that it’ll feel like coming home when you enter this space. Let these gold accents really stand out in the morning sun, while easy-to-clean tiles keep it neat all day long.

Modern Narrow Kitchen Island

modern narrow kitchen island in white and yellow color

The white and yellow narrow kitchen island looks so elegant with its sturdy yet simple design. The wow factor here might not be the size of the space but the clever utility it supplies. With bar styles that can rotate to form a welcoming breakfast nook or lounge, this piece practically doubles your home’s functionality!

The yellow counter with granite flooring and steel chimney, with a gray background, is a piece that will make the perfect design to accomplish this modern small kitchen. This elegant detail creates an inviting space where friends can gather around to chat, making this counter a central point in your kitchen.

Galley Narrow Kitchen Island

modern galley kitchen narrow kitchen island in white color

The modern galley narrow kitchen island in white color with sleek cast-iron stools is the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen. The kitchen island maintains an open layout, so you’ll have plenty of space in the rest of the room when entertaining. It has a bright and sleek finish that compliments any décor – whether it’s a traditional or contemporary look! This piece will seamlessly integrate into your preferred style and make cooking fun for everyone involved.

With these wooden cabinets and flooring, you will have plenty of storage space for all of your cooking supplies. You deserve to kick back around your custom-built kitchen narrow island without worrying about pesky critters or hazardous chemicals creeping into your food. The stainless steel chimney keeps air circulating through the room and is finished with a vintage feel with hints of old-world British charm!

Rustic Narrow Kitchen Island

rustic narrow kitchen island ideas with slab stone countertops tile

These narrow kitchen island ideas will have you feeling like you’re in the countryside, or perhaps a cabin in the woods. It features an old-timey metal chandelier hanging over a rustic log wood beam and could work nicely as formal dining room seating for kids to gather around too. The wooden flooring ensures this isn’t just some country’s dream but can withstand all of life’s wear and tear.

This kitchen has many personalities and characters, with uniquely styled wooden twigs, stools, and walls. The rustic feel would be fun for any family that loves to cook.

Narrow Kitchen Island Design

tiny narrow wooden kitchen island design in the middle of room

In this image, we see a sleek design of a narrow kitchen island that makes every inch count with a tiny utility drawer that holds essential supplies close at hand. With grey cabinetry providing contrast to glossy wooden floors, this clever setup offers all of the room you need without being too big or bulky – perfect!

White Narrow Kitchen Island

neat white narrow kitchen island with rattan stools

This kitchen island is like an endless scroll through Pinterest. The natural beauty of rattans stools tempers the modern, clean white stainless steel features.

The whitewashed wooden flooring still lets a little bit of earthy feel into this room, while each item in it pulls your eye up toward the ceiling. A modern-yet-nostalgic hanging dome pendant lamp takes center stage above the kitchen island, sitting directly beneath it.

Contemporary Narrow Kitchen Island

contemporary black narrow kitchen island in white marble countertops

A narrow kitchen island is a great way to make the most space in even the smallest kitchens. Consider upgrading your kitchen with this contemporary black and white marble that offers seating for three people. The all-metal appliances will look perfect against these sleek granite countertops, which provide plenty of room for storage underneath the extra cabinet space available on either side of the sink.

Add a contemporary touch to your home with black bowl pendant ceiling lights and metal bar stools surrounding a wooden floor. The laid-back vibe of these designs provides the perfect atmosphere for an extrovert’s dream room!

Long Narrow Kitchen Island

long narrow kitchen island below industrial pendant lights

This narrow kitchen island below industrial pendant lights with black metal stools is a perfect spot to style up your kitchen to be as efficient and organized as possible.

The white marble countertops and the wooden flooring with stainless oven and stove will stand out in any kitchen. The modern, open feel the design creates perfect for creating a bright atmosphere to help stimulate creativity while ensuring you have enough space for cooking dishes on an entirely new level.

Wood Narrow Kitchen Island

wood narrow kitchen island with dresser

This wooden narrow kitchen island accentuates the efficiency of modern design and space utilization. The warm brown wooden flooring contrasts with the sleek gray marble backsplash, creating a rich ambiance in your space. As it is just big enough for two or three people to sit comfortably, this kitchen set can be placed anywhere – whether you prefer to dine at your dining table or want an easier way to prepare breakfast on weekday mornings before work.

U Shaped Narrow Kitchen Island

u shaped narrow kitchen island in all white of cabinets with decorative pattern of rug

A u-shaped kitchen island that creates a multifunctional space that is perfect for guests. You could serve them snacks from one end and desserts on the other or put a sink in the middle to lighten the traffic load. The countertops of white cabinets, black granite make it easy to clean while also providing contrast to your appliances like stainless steel stoves and farmhouse sinks.

The warm, glowing light that these hanging pendant lights bring to the space is friendly and inviting. They fill the kitchen with so much luminous beauty, so you can be sure that when someone steps into your kitchen, the first thing they will notice is these stunning fixtures. The pendants hang low from the ceiling to provide adequate lighting for all corners of this small kitchen! To make it even better, we’ve added a decorative pattern of rug on strong wooden flooring, which not only makes your feet happy but also provides an excellent feeling.

Sink Narrow Kitchen Island

narrow kitchen island with sinks and frosted glass cabinet doors

Devour your dishes at this winning narrow kitchen island! This space-saving piece includes sinks and a stove built into the countertop – it’s perfect for smaller spaces or those who don’t have an available area to accommodate their other appliances.

A classic and sleek black and white color scheme in the form of a contemporary kitchen. The sleek, stainless steel chimney and frosted glass cabinet doors add to its modern character. Black-colored barstools complete this cool, calm setting for dinners or evening cocktails after a long day at work.

Elegant Narrow Kitchen Island

elegant narrow kitchen island above black lacquered wooden flooring

Sometimes the tiniest kitchen can be poorly lit and lack surface space, but not this one. The sleek black lacquer narrow kitchen island with seamless beige countertops practically operates as an extension of the cooking area. This innovative design includes wooden barstools to complete its cozy pub-style seating! The entire appearance is contemporary yet minimalistic, offering ample storage without being overwhelming in scale – even in the smallest kitchens.

Black Narrow Kitchen Island

black narrow kitchen island above dark wooden flooring with plaid pattern rug

A kitchen with an open floor plan is perfect for entertaining or just socializing. Plaid pattern rug brings color and life to an otherwise stark space. The black narrow kitchen island provides an easy place for food prep and displays a sleek, white marble countertop that will make preparing a feast to feel effortless!

The dark wooden flooring and the chrome pull offer a sophisticated contrast against the bright white cabinets. This kitchen has everything you need for cooking and entertaining, including drawers below the worktops for additional storage. It would be perfect in an open concept home!

Narrow Kitchen Island With Chairs

narrow kitchen island with sleek wooden chairs

This kitchen is designed for someone who wants to maximize their space. The chevron tile flooring, wooden chairs, and white cabinets all look good together because of the contrast in color schemes. However, it’s not too formal as the glass sliding door allows for a view into the garden from one end of your marble narrow kitchen island while you enjoy a nice breakfast or dinner with friends.

Narrow Kitchen Island With Storage

small narrow kitchen island with storage in warm tone of lights

This is where the cooking gets done, and we like to keep all that cooking gear handy. It’s also a great spot to catch up with your favorite cooking show while you prep ingredients or whip up something fresh.

Tiny Narrow Kitchen Island

tiny narrow kitchen island from thick wooden beam

A narrow kitchen island in the image above would be perfect for adding rustic style to your kitchen. The table is made of an old thick wooden slab complete with metal wire stools.

In Closing

Small kitchens can be tricky to design. You want them to feel open and inviting, but you also need as much storage space for pots, pans, dishes, utensils, etc., that will help free up countertop space when cooking or entertaining guests in your home. A narrow kitchen island is a great way of achieving both these goals without taking up too much valuable floor space. I would love it if you could let me know what you think by commenting below!

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